Instructions for Mac users

To use the e-certificate cards you need to connect a card reader and set up the Nexus Personal software to read it. Here are a few items you need to check.

Instructions in PDF form (430 KB)

1. Card Reader

Connect a card reader to the USB-port on your computer, unless you have a built-in reader. In most cases the computer finds the right drivers in the same way as when a new printer is connected.

2. Install the Nexus Personal software

To read the e-certificate from your card you need to install the Nexus Personal software. 

Get Nexus Personal for Mac.

3. Put the e-certificates in the reader

Insert the card with the e-certificates in the reader. Make sure the microchip enters the reader and faces up. While the reader is reading the e-certificates, the „Personal“ icon should rotate.

4. Launch the Firefox browser

Now you should launch the Firefox browser.  If it is already running, you should quit it (cmd + Q) and launch it again.
Next you can try to authenticate f.example into your e-bank or test your e-certificates by choosing the link below. Remember that you only use the first 4 numers in your PIN to authenticate. Test your e-certificate card.