Comparison of Auðkenni tokens and e-certificates

Banks and savings banks have worked steadily towards making electronic commerce safer. The first big step towards that goal was using Auðkenni tokens for authentication. 

The fundamental differences between the tokens and e-certificates are as follows:

Auðkenni token

  • Only used for online bank authentication

  • Does not contain any personal information about the owner 

  • Is a key chain

  • Can not be used for electronic signatures 

  • Does not require any additional hardware or installation 

  • Gives up different numbers associated with the user name and password of the user 

Electronic certificates

  • Can be used for authentication and fully qualified electronic signatures

  • Store personal information about the owner, such as name and identity number 

  • Built into smart cards, e.g. debit cards, Auðkenni's e-certificate cards and SIM cards 

  • You will need a card reader and Nexus software to read the e-certificate cards 

  • The correct SIM card will need to be in mobile phones

  • Use a single PIN for all authentication and electronic signatures